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Philosophy Show

Do you know your colon from your semicolon? Enjoy a fun-filled (and pun-filled) romp through the major punctuation marks, those that never quite took off, and some unorthodox uses of punctuation. 

Educational humorist Jennifer Dziura makes those tiny symbols on the printed page mean more than you ever imagined. Also, if you’ve ever wanted to volunteer to come on stage and punctuate something, this is your chance!

This show premiered at the Empire State Book Festival in Albany and has been performed at Manhattan Marymount University, Palm Beach State University, the Geek Week Festival in Boston, and the Brooklyn Book Festival.

Like all of Jen's shows, this show requires a stage, microphone, projector, screen, and lectern.

If this is for a college or university, Jennifer can provide a pre-show worksheet that students can discuss in class, and/or a simple post-show quiz that professors can use to award extra credit for attending the show.

"Jennifer Dziura's ¡The Punctuation Show! is a fantastic and hilarious journey through the often overlooked world of punctuation. Imagine if Strunk & White decided to eat a bunch of oysters, put down their tweed jackets and pipes, and transform the seemingly dull world of sentence structure and symbols into something a vibrant, accessible, and funny new form. Oh and did I mention sexy? No longer will Punctuation be just the realm of the stern teachers, tutors, librarians, copyeditors, and proofreaders--but geeks and norms of all walks of life! ¡The Punctuation Show! was one of the most unique and enjoyable performances of GEEK WEEK." - Kevin Harrington, GEEK WEEK Creator and Festival Producer


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